FXUA IT Department

Campus Internet

Wireless Internet is available to our students, staff, and guests throughout our Village Drive campus. Follow these steps to gain access to our wireless Internet:

  1. Turn on your wireless card so it is blinking and receiving signals.
  2. Open the program associated with your wireless card. You can usually find an icon in the lower right hand corner on your taskbar (either a Microsoft icon or the icon for your wireless card manufacturer). Once the program has started, make sure you have “FXUAStudent” or “FXUAGuest” listed as a wireless network.
  3. Double-click on the network you wish to join.
    1. If you select “FXUAStudent” you will be prompted to enter a pass-phrase or key. Please contact the front desk or Student Affairs if you do not know the password.
    2. If you select “FXUAGuest” you will be prompted to accept our terms and conditions before using the Internet.

If after following the steps above you are unable to access the Internet, please feel free to contact the IT Department for assistance.

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