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Recording Student Class Attendance in the Faculty Portal

FXUA faculty is required to keep up-to-date and accurate accounting of student attendance in their classes. It is recommended that attendance is taken at the beginning or at the end of a class session for every class session. Faculty may choose to keep attendance on paper for a variety of reasons, however, that data must be entered in Faculty Portal for each class meeting by the end of the calendar month in which the class meeting was held.

Select My Courses (left pane, bottom)

Faculty Courses

Then choose the course that you are recording the attendance for.

Choose Course

  • Select Attendance Entry under the Course Attendance menu

    Course Attendance Menu

  • Enter the date for which you are entering the attendance for. By default, the present date will be prepopulated in the Attendance Date box. Then choose Load Weekly Attendance or Load Daily Attendance.

    Attendance Entry

  • Enter the attendance for each student. You may enter nodes, and or amount of hours that a student was in attendance. Choose amongs the following options fro each student: A (Absent), E (excused), L (Late), Y (Left Early), O (Other), P (Present), or T (Tardy).You may choose to record A and P only, after a consultation with your department.

    When done, click Save Daily Attendance, or Save Weekly Attendance:

    Save Attendance Entry

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