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Setting Up Assignment Categories

An instructor can set up different categories of assignments. Each category can be given a weight percentage towards final class grade. Total of all categories must equal 100%. A category list that equals 100% must be set up before assignments can be created.

Note: Click Edit to edit the category or Delete to delete it. A category cannot be deleted if assignments are associated with it.

Step-By-Step: Add/Modify a Category

  1. Click Add Category. The Add Gradebook Category window opens.

  2. Select a Category from the dropdown list.
  3. Enter the weight percentage for this category in the Weight field. All categories for a course must total 100 percent. An instructor cannot specify a number more than the percent remaining.
  4. Use the Number of Drops field to indicate how many of the lowest graded assignments will be dropped from a student record. For instance, 5 papers have been assigned in the Research Papers category and “1” entered in # Drops allowed, then the 4 highest scoring papers per student will be counted in that students grade calculation.
    Note: If the Number of Drops entered is equal to or greater than the number of assignments in a Category, one assignment will still be calculated in the Midterm and/or Final grade.
  5. Click Add Gradebook Category.

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